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My name is Erin Creeks and I was born and raised in Houston, TX . In school I was the shy and quiet girl that competed for good grades and perfect attendance, partially because I loved to learn, and mostly because I was competitive. The first chance I got to move out of Texas I took it to attend The University of Tampa in Florida. There I discovered my love for performance art and an unexpected talent for event planning. I organized all musical related school events and concerts with the campus Student Productions board and LOVED IT!

After college I moved back home to Houston where I quickly realized that my college degree wasn’t going to be the career builder that I expected. After 3 months of temp jobs, interviews, tears, and my first quarter life crisis ( there would be many), I re-evaluated my life and began a career in fitness. For the next 9 years I would work as a Pilates instructor and Personal Trainer with little to no concept of work-life balance or time off.
At 25, I broke up with my boyfriend whom I met shortly after coming back home from college. All at once I realized that after dating him for 2 years I was still a stranger to Houston. When I wasn’t embedding a deep butt-groove on my green couch, I was working long hours to avoid the sad fact that I had yet to build my life; and now I had no one to distract me from doing so. My first attempt at being social landed me on the site Meetup.com. Meetups for me created a Goldielocks and Three-Bears complex - some groups had members that weren't around my age, some were too young and immature, and none were just right. I decided to start my own meetup group and called it...you guessed it, MsIndependent.

The next few years would see many highs and lows as I went kicking and screaming into the realm of entrepreneurship. I have sacrificed everything to make MsIndependent a trademarked brand. I’ve wanted to give up so many times but I have learned that life will always conspire to bring me back to the mission of MsIndependent. From depression to getting the call that my car is scheduled to be repossed, I’ve gone to some scary placed for my brand. I can’t tell you how I made it ( or how I’m making it) but my faith in God’s plan, and conviction in my service to others is what has outlived the doubts that come with pursuing my vision for MsIndependent.
Today I devote my blog and business to other women in my community who, like I did at 25, feel the need to do something new, but are hesitant to take that first step. The opportunities that have opened up for me are beyond anything that I could have expected back then. With every event and post I create, my hope is that someone will have a change in perspective that widens their realm of possibilities,  and strengthens their sense of worthiness to pursue their passions.

I hope to share this adventure called life with you at our next event, but until then chat back with me on Facebook(Link to FB) or Instagram ( Link to IG) where I share my deep thoughts, favorite things, and of course sarcasm-laced observations about life. 👋

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