Driving home today I had this epiphany, an “ah-ha” that was so profound and exciting  that I just had to share it with all of you. I am going to give you advanced warning, I do mention the big G-man, God. If that offends anyone…….well... then I guess you’re offended. I am a recovering people pleaser and can’t afford to relapse by apologizing for my beliefs and truths. :)  Whatever your faith, or lack of it, this is a pretty cool story, so just go with it and keep an open mind.

Some years ago, somewhere in the midst of my hustling as a Pilates Instructor and working poor, I started to get a vision of another life. As an instructor I made good money by the hour, but I never worked 8 hour days so I didn’t make much. Being on the upscale side of town where my clients reside, I was exposed to things I didn’t see in my middle America neck of the woods. I knew nothing of million dollar homes, boutiques, stay at home moms that wear Lululemon, and hiring people like me for $70/hour. The wheels starting turning and I found myself feeling comfortable with all the upscale niceties of the upper class, almost like getting a preview for a life I would soon live.

At the gyms and studios where I worked  there were ladies that wore high end athletic clothing with a weird Omega-looking logo. The brand is Lululemon Athletica. They wore it to work out, to go to the store, they were obsessed with it. At $80 a pant, and $100 for jackets I put it out of my mind that I would ever wear their clothes, but I hoped to someday be able to afford maybe a headband. I thought to myself “I would love it if I could just walk into the store and afford their clothes someday.”

Then there was Whole Foods. Yes Whole Foods, the organic and alternative grocery store that is often referred to as “Whole Paycheck” because of their high end prices. My first day going into the store I was in amazement. Whatever they were selling I was buying! I felt good just being there, and the food  selection was something brand new to me. Sounds silly but again I thought “I would love it if I could afford to come here everyday.”

Fast forward a few years later and I ended up in City Centre, the upscale shopping area near Town and Country. I looked around and marveled at the fresh and new buildings and all the fancy stores and restaurants with names I had never heard of. I especially loved  LifeTime Atheletica. The 3 story luxury gym had large windows so you could see how lucky you would be to have a membership there. I had the thought again “ I would love it if I could afford to come here everyday.”

That brings us to present day. On almost a daily basis I am running up to the Whole Foods near my job to pick up coffee, lunch, or whatever else I want. I’ve been to every location in Houston and could walk the aisle blindfolded and still know where to get my Green Machine Juice. I now work at a Pilates Studio near the Lifetime Gym I was transferred to, after a year of working at the LifeTime Athletica in City Centre. I’ve pretty much been to every restaurant and store in City Centre, and it never gets old. When I’m not working at the Pilates studio I’m working at Lululemon part time, and you better believe I put that employee discount to good use.

Of course it’s easy to connect the dots now, but I never aspired to realize my "if only someday dreams." It’s not about money or status, it’s about getting something that you once believed was not for you. It’s saying out loud that there is a hope for the impossible to someday be possible. Never mind the details of expensive pants and fancy food, the miracle is no less relevant to the dreamer that woke up and found that it wasn’t all just a dream. I never made plans nor set a course to obtain any of the things I have achieved. The real icing on the cake is that I got what I thought I could never have, in ways I never had thought.

I didn’t have to afford LifeTime Atheltica which is over $100/person for a single membership, instead they paid me to walk through the door, and membership was free. I never thought that I would shop at Whole Foods almost everyday, but somehow even on a budget, I can afford it. I really never saw myself working at Lululemon, but now that I do, I can afford to not only wear their clothes, but I kinda have to. Even as I write this there are other realities that I never thought possible that are showing signs on manifestation, and it’s so amazing it’s scary. I want to encourage everyone reading this to stop putting limits on God, the Universe, fate, whatever you need to label that which is outside yourself and yet within yourself. Now that I have had access to all the things I previously saw as unobtainable, my perception has changed and I no longer think of them as unobtainable. It’s just daily living, no big deal. THAT’S THE POINT! It always seems impossible until it isn’t. What perceived, ill-informed impossibilities might you be holding onto?  Don’t let the details of ‘how’ intimidate or limit your hopes for the future. Your job is to see the ‘what’, wait for the ‘when’, and expect that He is the ‘who’, and He will figure out ‘how’. It works every time.