This past Saturday, August 2nd, I experienced the White Linen Night block party in the Heights. This huge community outing filled with music, food trucks, art vendors, drinks, eccentrics and excitement, shows why Houston is such a great city. I started the block party at Yale and 19th St., and then made my way to White Oak Drive. Here are some highlights from the event.


The festivities started at 6pm. I got there around 5:15pm way before the crowds, but it was great people watching. This magician/comedian was putting on a show as I walked by.

Go, go Power Rangers!!! I wonder if he had this costume just laying around or if he bought it for this event.

This guy was just walking around, excited to be seen. Hey whatever floats your boat.


I asked this guy if I could take a pic of his parrot, and afterward he asked if I wanted to kiss the bird. I just looked at him dumbfounded, not exactly sure how that works. He said just pucker up and the bird leaned in and put his beak on my lips. I'm still a dog person, but that was fun.


At Jubilee, a cute little boutique with one of a kind fashion pieces that was servicing Deep Eddy Vodka for White Linen Night

Heights7.jpgHere is the sign outside of Jubilee

Here is the sign outside of Jubilee


The line to get drinks was cray-cray about an hour after this photo was taken. There were other boutiques nearby that were also serving drinks.


While wondering around my friend Raya and I discovered this elaborate open house at the soon to be complete Bell Heights Lofts. The lower level was all concrete walls and floors, but the entrance had  white carpet and red curtains, similar to a swanky club. They offered free mixed drinks and fajitas, nachos, and tamales catered by Pappas. There was also a band and free reusable bags courtesy of Bell Heights.


Looking out of the first floor window in the Bell Heights Building.


Around 9pm we finally made it over to White Oak Dr., and this is what I saw. Wall to wall people gathering at bars, restaurants, and even more vendor tents.


This was a gorgeous way to end the night. I think next year I'll come early and leave early. Traffic was crazy but luckily I parked closest to the start of the festivities so I wasn't caught up by all the traffic from people lingering around on White Oak Dr. Til next year!