My last entry chronicling my journey to weight loss was in March, and that's about where my progress seemed to stop. I'm a new entrepreneur trying to manage a business when I haven't even mastered managing myself, so its a hectic time. In April MsIndependent hosted our first ever #GirlsNightOut event which was a mega success but it took everything in me to make it happen. I would forget to eat for hours, I had no interest in working out when I could be working, and my lack of sleep and plethora of stress were a terrible combo. Once the event wrapped I had no excuse not to get back on track, but that doesn't mean I didn't make any. Oh and let's not forget my growing dependency on alcohol, mainly wine or whiskey to help me cope with stress. I figured if I needed an Old Fashion to get me through the afternoon or a Cabernet to make it through my case of the Mondays on a Thursday, it was all part of the process. 

I was secure in my excuses and was even having fun with it until I had three coming to Jesus moments. The first one occurred when we hosted the Fitness to Finess workout with TC Fitness. When I felt like my legs were going to detach and walk away from me in protest after doing just the warm up, I got a glimpse into how out of shape I had become, The second moment is when I raided my closet to get rid of clothes that I couldn't fit anymore, and was damn near left with a scarf and a lone sock. The 3rd and final straw came when I got a body composition assessment to support a friend's personal training business. My readings were absolutely shocking! I can BS myself all I want but I can't argue with numbers. I was pissed! How did I go from bodybuilder and personal trainer to overweight boozy chick who can't fit into anything without some oil and lamaze breathing?

This is the highest I've ever been.

This is the highest I've ever been.

I considered the CITYCENTRE Cuisine Crawl my last hoorah and decided that I needed to get back on track with a vengeance. I starting working out  three days a week with my friend, and now trainer, Tony of A' Stronger- U Fitness. My diet has always been pretty clean, I just forget to eat which means meal preparation is essential for me. A few weeks before I started training I did a grocery run and immediately proportioned out and measured my foods once I got home. This way I could eat on the go, and already have my meals and caloric intake managed. 

Meet my trainer- Tony, owner of  A'Stronger- U Fitness

Meet my trainer- Tony, owner of A'Stronger- U Fitness

To date I've had 15 sessions with my personal trainer. We do a combo of weight training and boot camp style workouts. To accelerate my progress I gradually had to come to the conclusion that even with my healthy eating I needed cut down on my alcohol intake. I cut down for a while but then decided that to fully commit to my goal of losing weight, I would need to cut alcohol completely out!  I had no idea how hard this would be. Every event that I attend has an invite that reads champagne, or cocktails provided in the invitation. It's pretty much a requirement. I also had to deal with stress without taking the edge off with my beloved wine and whiskey, which caused even more stress for a while. 

So now I am working out 5 days a week with a trainer, no alcohol, no desserts, 5 meals a day, a gallon of water daily, clean eating, at least 7 hours of sleep a night, and a committed regimen of supplements for recovery. Today I get my second body composition assessment to determine my progress. I'll let you know how it goes next week.