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Many years ago when I first venturing out into public events around the city trying to spread the gospel of MsIndependent and make some connections, I was painfully and uncomfortably shy. By nature I'm very introverted but I have found ways to overcome it...most of the time...but back then it was a real struggle. On one of my fateful outings I attending an event where unbeknownst to me I had sat directly across from Felice and Shanna, the creators of Urban Swank. The significance of this is that I was a huge fan of their blog, thought the world of these ladies, and was aspiring to create a platform as impactful as theirs.

I mustered up the courage to make small talk with a woman sitting next to me who introduced me to Shanna and Felice who I didn't immediately recognize, but once I realized they were the ladies of Urban Swank, I have to admit I was a little starstruck. Since then I have run into these ladies a number of times and I am so very excited that they have agreed to be collaborating influencers for the upcoming #GirlsNightOut event. 

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Urban Swank is a food and lifestyle blog written by best friends, Shanna Jones and Felice Sloan.  These two ladies have been building Urban Swank for years and all their hard work has paid off with features in a number of local publications such as our localCultureMap, Houstonia, Houston life and many more. They have even been seen on a national scale on Bravo TV and more recently they were featured on United Airlines Hemispheres Travel Show, 3 Perfect Days: Houston.

The blog originally began with a love story for food back in 2011. Shanna and Felice are passionate about cuisine and exploring the best places to eat in the city. Although the ladies are killin' it on the food scene, they also know how to give their audience what they want and also share their love and exploits on all things fashion, beauty, and travel. Their blog is well rounded, thorough, beautifully curated, and comes with a very down to earth and relatable perspective. To this day I have so much adoration for the consistently high level of quality content these ladies put out.

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Shanna and Felice’s hope for Urban Swank readers is that they try something new, and expand their knowledge and awareness of people, places, and things in Houston and beyond. Whether that’s a under-the-radar restaurant, a “trust us” Korean beauty product, or a must-visit vacation destination, these ladies want to inspire people from all urban cities to get their swank on. These ladies are amazing, and I can't wait for you to meet them in person on Thursday, July 12th at #GirlsNightOut Avant- Garde. Until then get to know the ladies of Urban Swank by following them on Facebook or Instagram.


All photos by Urban Swank.

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