As a part of my 7 in Seven weight loss challenge, losing my last 7 pounds in 7 weeks, I explored THE most important factor in any weight loss/management program, which is what you eat. I'll describe my meal prep methods in a later post, but as fate would have it, I stumbled upon Tyson's Tastemakers Meal Kits at HEB. 

Ignore the 25% off tag, but this is what the package looks like. The chicken is labeled as all natural with no antibiotics. There are 4 easy steps in creating this dish so even chronic microwavers and take-out queens can figure this out. So let's start with the ingredients. To get started all I needed was...

Stir in Cilantro Lime Rice Seasoning and Quick Cook Rice. Took about 10 minutes.

Toss fresh peppers with one tablespoon of oil. Divide Citrus Rum Glaze into 2 bowls to use for basting chicken and peppers. 

Place the Island Spiced Chicken and Mini Peppers on the skillet ( supposed to be a grill pan) and flip often until nicely charred. Baste chicken and peppers frequently with Citrus Rum Glaze using a spoon. Cook for about 10 minutes. The instructions don't say to cut the peppers in half but I wanted to be sure that they cooked thoroughly and evenly so I did.

Spoon the cilantro-lime rice into bowls and place the chicken and peppers on the bed of rice. Top with Pineapple Salsa.

The pineapple salsa made the meal for me. This had the most prominent flavor, and the most exciting with sweetness and spice.The cilantro rice was well seasoned, and is something I would pair with other proteins any time. Chicken thighs have more flavor than breasts, so they get points for that as well. I would have liked a little more heat, something spicy, but then again I think Tabasco sauce is weak so keep that in mind. Overall this was an easy and tasty dish that I was pleasantly surprised to try.

I could see adding these ingredients to a breakfast taco with scrambled eggs and flour tortilla. If you know anything about me then you know that I hate eggs, but for the rest of the world this would be a great option. I would also suggest using these ingredients for kababs. nachos, burritos, lettuce wraps, or just add some roasted corn seasoned with spicy aiola.  

The Tyson Tastemakers are $19.99 per package. I was able to make 3 servings of this dish so that's about $6.70 per meal. You can find these meal kits at HEB. To find store locations that carry Tastemakers click here. I also tried the Carne Asada Street Tacos and the Tuscan Style Pork Lion & Pork Belly Pasta. I'll be reviewing those later, but just an FYI, set aside a few funds for grabbing one of these meal kits, because you're definitely going to want to try one. As a single girl I find myself only cooking during meal prep day and for guests, so having meal kits as an option makes me feel like I'm trying to not be a total bum. 

What about you? Do you prefer to cook, eat out, have meals delivered, or cook up a storm? Let me know in the comments below.