This past weekend I had a garage sale of all the things sitting in my storage unit over the past 3 years, and lo and behold I found long lost pictures from college!  I completely forgot I even had these pictures. My eyes lit up as I shrieked with excitement pouring through box after box of actual physical pictures from back in the day when all I had were FunSaver cameras. That walk down memory lane was amazing, but as they say hindsight is 20/20, and back then I was totally blind to who I really was.

I saw many changes in my life all throughout college, but the most obvious, beside my hair, would be my weight. I have always struggled with weight and in high school I won my battle, only to be taken down by the freshman 15 when I got to college. Fried food anytime day or night, late night studying followed by the munchies, cheap crappy food, and mom's care packages packed the weight on me fast and hard. My sophomore year I settled on theatre/dance being my minor and so I began dancing and choreographing for our school's Dance Happening performances. By senior year I was in the gym for a.m cardio sessions, dancing 10 hours a week, and running the bleaches to clear my head so I could study at night. Even with a diet of cheerios and mini bagels, I lost the freshman 15 and then some.

So here I am 30, back on that battlefield of the bulge, and wishing I knew how fit I was at 22. Of course I didn't feel that thin at the time, but as anyone who has ever lost weight knows, you can be thinner but mentally still be 'fat'. I know losing weight will only get harder the older I get, but seeing that picture of me makes me want to once and for all win that battle of the bulge and end the war. Now that I am a wiser more confident woman I deserve to have everything come full circle and thrive mentally, emotionally, physically, and beyond. I'm at my highest weight in over 15 years, and I am ready to do battle again and fight to be healthier and leaner me. My 22 year old self may not have appreciated me then, but the 30 year old me will see and celebrate the body I am now on fire to work towards! Part of being an independent women is not feeling the need to be perfect, but to simply be your own authentic best. That's what every woman deserves, that's what I deserve. I will be posting my progress as the weeks go along, and if anyone else want to join me in challenging yourself to life a healthier life, I welcome your comments. Let the battle begin!