As a follow up to my last post Offline Dating, I have much news to report, both good and bad. First the bad news, I'm still single without any prospects, but the good news is, it's not just me. More on that later.


So this past Friday a friend and I headed to Midtown to scope out the young professional crowd, and in particular the single guys. The plan was simple, dress to impress and position ourselves at the bar and see if anyone came over to chat with us.......they did not. We started the night at  BlackFinn Grille. I noticed one guy eating alone near us who seemed curious about our conversation about movies, but he mostly kept to himself. We got there around 6:30pm and stayed for about 45 minutes, but given that the night was still young and the fish weren't biting, we made our way to Celtic Garden 5 minutes away.

Skirt  and  shirt  from  Express .

Skirt and shirt from Express.

While at Celtic Garden we sat outside in a cushy red booth, since mostly everyone seemed to prefer the outside patio. I sweat my ass off due to the hot-shower-like humidity, but after a red wine sangria, I really didn't care. There wasn't much diversity in the area, which I expected, but with most of the men looking like A&F models or extras in a frat movie, I quickly gave up hope. I googled "how to approach a guy at a bar" and found the stupidest  damsel in distress, ditsy, moronic crap I've ever heard of; like turn your cell phone off and ask a guy to help you fix your phone. Oh and my personal favorite, buy a guy a drink. Hell no! Why don't I just ask for his number,  make dinner reservations, and pick him up since I'm doing his job for him anyway, why stop there.

So fast forward to Sunday afternoon for our meetup brunch at The Bird and the Bear. I was joined by 7 other MsIndependent members and though we talked about everything from the show Naked and Afraid to naming your kids after alcohol and cars, men was a popular topic.  The epidemic of men who won't approach a woman is widespread. The general consensuses is that online dating and aggressive women have weakened men's ability and need to approach women. Even with speed dating or singles clubs the young men seem to be timid while the old men are overly aggressive. You know why? The old guys have years of experience in getting over their fear and just saying 'hello', while the young guys are staring at their phones waiting for a drink to be sent their way. I am determined to seek out these brave souls that will approach a woman and aren't  crazy, immature, or creepy. To be continued....