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It's been some weeks since you've heard about my 7 in Seven weight loss challenge, my goal to lose my last 7lbs in 7 weeks. Well as I was blogging about the 20+ fitness studios and events that I visited, and all the meals I enjoyed, this minor thing called hurricane Harvey came through. With that I also had to essentially start over on our signature event #GirlsNightOut, with only 30 days to relaunch. To give you some perspective, the last #GNO event took 3 months to prepare. In other happened. This is actually the perfect intro to eating well and staying healthy when the storms of life throw you totally off track.

Before all the distruptions I had the pleasure of trying Made by Mel, an individual meal preparation and delivery service here in Houston. The creator, Melanee has been in the Fitness industry for 12 years. In 2013 she prepared for her first bikini body building competition, which had a huge impact on her perspective of the role food plays in creating a healthy body. Now she uses her meal-prep skills to help others eat healthful, easy, and accessible meals. Here's what was on the menu.

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 Cold-soaked oatmeal made with chocolate protein powder, peanut butter powder, banana, coconut, and almond milk

Grilled chicken, romaine lettuce, carrots, edamame, peanut dressing, and chow mein noodles

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Pork tenderloin in a balsamic-shallot vinaigrette paired with roasted Brussels sprouts and brown rice

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Shrimp, turkey sausage, potato, and corn on the cob, boiled in a Cajun spice mix

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Total disclosure, I wasn't sure that I'd like the Chunky Monkey Proatmeal, and yet this was one of my favorite items. It was flavorful without being too sweet, and the banana contrasted well with the graininess of the oatmeal. I loved it! My other favorite was the Oriental Salad. I love Asian-inspired food so I am very partial to this dish. The Cajun Shrimp Boil was seasoned well with a little kick, and I love, love, loooved the balsamic-shallot vinaigrette that came with the pork tenderloin.

All of her meals are made assuming that you'll be eating 4 meals each day, and they come in 3 different sizes.

Whether you have serious fitness goals, would like to have all your meals prepared, or just a few, definitely give Made by Mel a try.  To help you get started she's also extended a 10% discount off of your first week of meals when you use promo code: Independent10 at Made by Enjoy!

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