A few weeks ago I was invited to attend an event to introduce the new brunch menu at Kuu, a Japanese Restaurant located in the Memorial City Gateway Plaza. Myself and a number of food bloggers assembled to experience a contemporary take on brunch with Japanese influence, and ingenious presentation. Although I would usually say "but first coffee" we all know that brunch calls for mimosas!

Brunch Drink options include the traditional mimosa, along with pomegranate and lavender options, and a Bloody Mary.I am partial to floral flavors like rose and lavender, so naturally I had the lavender mimosa. We sampled about 80% of the menu, so here is what you can expect from the Kuu Japanese brunch.

Shrimp and Crab Crisp

Ingredients: shrimp, crab, green bean, onion, carrot, sansho pepper, gobo

Seafood Pancake

Perhaps my favorite thing on the menu was the seafood pancake. It was soft yet crispy, savory and yet tangy thanks to the pickle shallots.

Ingredients: tuna tartare, shrimp, squid, onion, cabbage, carrot, fennal leaf, kinpira gobo, pickle shallot

Imo Salad

Ingredients: Japanese purple yam, Japanese red yam, edamame, cherry tomato, corn, bell pepper

French Toast Kiwi

I initially mistook this for fried tofu, but the consistency is very similar. This is perhaps the most gorgeous item on the menu. If you’re anything like me and tend to order for the aesthetics then this is your go to.

Ingredients: toast, pomegranate, honey, kiwi jam, butter

Crab Cake

Ingredients: snow crab, 60 degree egg, onion, mayo

Tuna and Kani Sliders

My second most favorite menu items were the sliders. Again the pickled shallots got me, and crab cake and tuna tartare are also my favorites.

Kani Slider Ingredients: crab cake, pickle shallot, pickle grapes, pickle cucumber, yam fries
Tuna Slider Ingredients: tuna tartare, pickle shallot, pickle grapes, pickle cucumber, yam fries

Berkshire Pork with 60 Degree Egg

Ingredients: pork belly, edamame, 60 degree egg, garlic toast, mint jello, lemon gel

I don’t eat eggs- not scrambled, poached, boiled or otherwise, but if I did I would love this dish.

Truffle Fried Rice

Ingredients: truffle, egg, green onion, mushroom

Lobster Pasta

Ingredients: lobster meat, creste di gallo, sweet corn, mushroom, edamame

I have yet to have an experience at Kuu that I didn’t find exceptional, and their take on brunch gives me a whole new appreciation for the restaurant. This is also my second time experiencing a food blogger event at Kuu and I am once again impressed with the care and consideration they took in creating our dining experience. The new brunch menu launches this Sunday, October 14th from 10am- 3pm. Bon Appétit or as they say in Japanese itadakimasu!