If you follow MsIndependent on Instagram then you know that I am a fan of fitness. After teaching Pilates for 9 years, being a personal trainer, and group fitness instructor, I will forever be an advocate for a healthy lifestyle. I have tried dozens of fitness brands, and spent hundred of dollars of fitness apparel, so when I had the opportunity to try out leggings from Curve Envy Fitness, I was beyond excited.

The leggings are described as edgy, flattering, and functional for the gym and everyday activities. They offer high performance compression with a 4-way stretch for total freedom of movement. The fabric is made with a temperate regulating material, and has a UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) of 50. This means that only 50% of the UV rays from the sun will pass through the garment. Something we definitely need here in Texas. The fabric is also breathable and fade resistant. Possibly the most unique claim for the leggings are that they're one size fits most. The leggings are meant to ease your mind over finding the right size, and can fit most bodies between a size XS-L, up to size 10. 

Many of the designs from Curvy Envy are either inspired by an professional sports teams, or they are bright and bold patterns. I'm not a big sports fan so I went for the Aquarela and Namaslay prints. So let's see if these pants are all they claim to be.

I love bright bold colors in fitness apparel, so the Aquarela design was pretty much perfect for me. With every angle you are literally seeing a different pattern and color scheme on the pant.  First there are black and white spots around the waste and hips, and then as the eye travels down the legs there are fireworks of red, purple, and blue. There is also the Mermaid scale pattern that travels all the way down the pant to the ankle. I won't pretend that while in yoga I didn't get a little distracted admiring my pants in down dog, but come on they demand to be noticed.

curvy envy.jpg

This design is a little more tame in the front but generously decorated in the back. I love the loudness of the Aquafina print, but the Namaslay are a fun way to dress up my errand running attire without being too flashy. The overall pattern throughout the legging is a paisley print, with most of the attention focused on the back and sides of the leg. The front of the pant is a combo of a light greenish-brown color, and cream. The back is a artistic mesh of blue, violet, and white. 

I was a little skeptical of the one size fits most factor, but the leggings truly do fit like a second skin. I've had some pants where the design looks faded because I'm stretching out the material, even though I'm wearing the correct size. I'm not sure of my size now since none of my pants fit ( in a good way) but I can fit sizes 6-8, and I'm 5'2. The flexible sizing will come in handy as I continue to loss weight.

 My first time putting on the leggings I did a few deep sumo squats, bent over to see if they shifted or pinched anywhere, but they moved right along with me. I've never worn a wet suit but they remind me of a similar type feel where you almost have the peal the pants off, because they really do act as a second skin. Also my yoga pants are typically too long, but these fit at the ankle.

My only complaint about the fit would be that the band rolls down when I'm in movement. I prefer a high band for tummy control or a low band that won't roll. Aside from that I was impressed with how well the fabric kept me cool and dry. I wore both style of pants while in hot yoga and on a hot day, and the leggings not only kept me cool, but they also absorb sweat into the fabric. No sweat spots here.

curve envy 7.jpg

Curve Envy Fitness leggings have my vote for quality leggings I would wear to class or out and about. I don't see these babies peeling, fading, or looking worn anytime soon and I love the designs. Curve Envy also offers joggers, tops, and other fitness related products. Shipping is free for orders over $100 which is about what you would pay for a pair of leggings. The average price is about $55.20 per pant. Believe me, I've spent almost twice that on leggings that peel or no longer fit, so these are a great product at a great price.  

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