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By tomorrow I will be one year older. When I hit 30 I wanted to have a grandiose, over the top celebration, but that was quickly downgraded to a cabin in the woods with 3 close friends. Although it wasn't the Gatsby inspired event that I was hoping for, a simple weekend getaway surrounded by nature and very bold deer, was surprisingly one of the best ways I've ever spent my birthday. Since then of course everyone has suggested fun ways to celebrate, places to go, activities to book, and to be honest just thinking about it all makes me tired.


I plan, attend, and volunteer for events on a pretty consistent basis, so while some see a celebration as a way of marking another year of life, I see restoration and reflection. For my birthday I desperately feel the need to disconnect from the world to reconnect with myself. My gift to me will be total space and time, uninterrupted, and un-shared. I'm also very introverted by nature meaning that I recharge my proverbial battery by being alone, and expend that energy in public settings. Don't get me wrong I love managing events, but I become recluse before hosting every major event for a reason.


Friday night will be filled with Netflix and my favorite food - sushi. Although I prefer red wine, it's a special occasion so I'll be pairing my yellowtail and tuna with plum wine.


Sleeping in is a must. Lately I've been averaging about 6 hours of sleep a night. I have a hair appointment early Saturday morning, so I plan to be lame and be in bed by 10pm to sleep off my sushi and wine-induced itis.

I have so much reading to catch up on. I probably have 100 saved Facebook posts, 200 pinned articles to read, and 3 books in various stages of completion. I'll be kicking back with a peach white tea, fuzzy socks, and hours of ideas and inspiration.


I have a gala to attend on Saturday...I know, I know, not quite an event free weekend, but I don't plan to stay long. Once I get home I'll be drawing a hot bath with lavender essential oil, dried roses, and a glass of rosé. In lieu of a birthday cake I'll be savoring what is hands down the best cupcake ever invented by man - a strawberry flavored cupcake from Sprinkles. I want to say it's just my opinion that they're the best, but I'm pretty sure it's a fact.

My birthday always falls on Super Bowl weekend, so my family is having a small get together. I'm not a sports fan but I do get excited for the Super Bowl. The hype gets me ever year, and although I'm not a fan of any team, I really hope the Patriots lose. I just want someone else to win this year. No shade. To make up for interactions with people on what I would prefer be a "me time" only weekend, next Saturday I'll be getting a 90-minute massage which includes hot stones, and a foot massage. I hope my masseuse has a complete breakfast and a good night's sleep...they're going to need all their energy to work out this tension. 

As we head into February I've decided that there are plenty of other women just like me that desperately need some TLC and self preservation opportunities. I'll be sharing on social media all month long inspiration, recommendations, and public displays of self love, and kiddos to the women that fire me up when I'm feeling tired and uninspired. It truly does take a village y'all; I could not be me without them. What are some ways you pull back from the world and sow into yourself? Let me know in the comments below. I might try it your way next weekend. :)

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