So with all the meetups and events that I attend I have a growing awareness of how huge fashion is to young independent women in the prime of their lives. I have been a self-proclaimed fashion victim for years, always opting for comfort over chicness. As I get older and the fashionably savvy pool of P.Y.T's saturate the dating pools, workforce, meetups, and parties, I finally feel the need to step it up and dress up. We can all pretend that looks don't matter but that there is a reason why dating profiles have pictures. Don't act like you've never seen  those Wal-Mart photos with the hilarious captions of people wearing God knows what and nobody knows why. 

But I explore the wonderful world of color blocking and maxi dresses I can't figure out why everything has to be so expensive. I'm not asking to wear couture but I'm not paying $100 for plastic earrings or 50 bucks more for the same denim as any other store, but suddenly slapping a name of fabric makes it magically expensive. I may want to be more chic, but I am still cheap....well frugal. If college taught me anything it's how to be resourceful, and I value having sense over money any day. So here are some tidbits I have discovered on how to be both chic and cheap.

I found this necklace at Bevello in City Centre. It was an impulse purchase but this necklace reminded me of the J. Crew statement necklaces I adore but don't have a budget for. On a whim I decided to look for the necklace online and Boom! There it was on the J. Crew website, my $34 necklace for $148 at J. Crew.

The nautical look is in this season, which makes this shirt that I saw at Macy's perfect for those summer BBQs and strolls through the city. I purchased this same exact shirt at Buffalo Exchange for only $6, 2 weeks before I saw it at Macy's.


If all else fails there is always the sale. June/July are great for getting summer items on sale and of course December/January are great for winter clothes. Anthropologie has romantic and feminine clothing that I just adore but can't afford, until they have a sale that is.


Raya is a member of Msindepenent, and the face behind her blog and online boutique I am Raya L.

Raya is a member of Msindepenent, and the face behind her blog and online boutique I am Raya L.

I have recently discovered the amazing world of bloggers and online boutiques owned by lovers of all things fashion. These sites usually have incredibly great prices and stunning finds that you can't get retail, and that you have to know about online. Some of my faves are IamRayal, BNB Styling, and Pree Brulee