I have finally gone and done it! I have created a dating profile and am now one of millions of people looking for love online. I would love to say I am patient enough to wait for "the one" to approach me in the produce aisle or spot me in the bookstore, but after 2 years and 7 months of waiting, I think I'm good. I believe in love at first sight, I believe in fate and waiting on God's good timing, but every day that goes by that I'm still single, makes me want to stay this way. Being single is easy for me, but I am willing to be uncomfortable if it means I can find a friend for life that doesn't have a set of ovaries....or act like someone that does.

So what do I have to say about my 2 weeks of being on a dating site? Not a damn thing. Dudes are too scared to approach women in real life and apparently the same goes online. I get "winks" or "likes" sent to me but rarely an email. About half of the emails I send out get returned to me, but eventually the emails stop. Hell I can be ignored at a bar for free, why do I have to pay for this s**t and still get nowhere. In the last 48 hours my profile has been viewed 84 times, 1 person has "favorited me" ( whatever that means), and in 2 weeks 38 people have liked my profile pictures..... like I care. Can you tell I'm a little annoyed?

I don't care if you like a picture, wink at me, or view my profile, if you're boys have dropped then I should get an email! This is why I'm single. As if women don't have enough of a job changing our name, populating the planet, and nurturing men who are just babies that got bigger, now we have to do the courting too. I've heard men's side of the story and realize how hard it is to approach a woman. It's also hard to go on job interviews, auditions, and turning their head to cough at an annual exam but somehow it gets done. I get it, it's scary, it's uncomfortable, but anything worth having requires a bit of sacrifice. Them's the breaks boys! Women get the short end of the stick quite a bit in this life, but as long as we have to deal with double standards, you do to.

I've heard from friends a variety of stories of men that are needy and passive while others are true gentlemen, and everything in between. I have my suspicions on why men don't seem to be "men" anymore, from growing up in homes without fathers, to girls making it too easy for them to plays games and win every time. I get it, and I know that love will come, but for now I'm just looking for hope.