MsIndependent has hosted a variety of events for women in Houston with our focus on the 4 Fs: Food, Fitness, Freedom and Fun. Last weekend combined all 4 F’s with the Find Your Balance event that exuded self-love, self-care and women's health. The event was presented by Kelsey-Seybold Clinic, a huge proponent for women’s health and wellness, and the creator of the Find Your Balance series. We were so honored to host the event for a clinic that has just celebrated 70 years of service in Houston!

Self Care

We started Find Your Balance with a restorative and spirited morning yoga session guided by Namitzi Yoga. Yoga has been proven to boost mental clarity and improve mood which would help the ladies better absorb all the information that they would be given at the event. To release even more “feel good” chemicals and reduce stress we had Totally You, A Mobile Spa treat guests to a 10-minute massage after their morning yoga.

Meet Our Vendors

We took care of our guests' self care at the event, but we also wanted to ensure that they had everything they needed once they left. To do this we carefully selected vendors that focused on celebrating and improving women’s health, so that the ladies could practice their own healthy habits once they get home.

Scout and Cellar

We know you ladies love your wine so we invited Scout & Cellar – a wine brand that offers clean-crafted wine, free of commercial additives, pesticides, and sooo many things I had no idea existed in wines. You definitely have to check them out and get to know what’s going down when those wine glasses go bottoms up.

The Mermaid's Wisdom

This local woman-based business offers a collection of feminine services, blogs, musings, and courses specifically designed to support your Feminine Wellness. The philosophy behind the brand is to support women in finding their Divine Feminine essence instead of “fixing” what’s wrong with them. In truth there is nothing wrong with us, but a little help with discovering who we are as women is always a welcome revelation.

Fast Laine Fit

Fast Laine Fit offers an efficient and affordable exercise solution for all us very busy multitasking women. They make fitness more accessible for us all by bringing the workout to you with their mobile classes. Fast Laine Fit is on a mission to combat the rising trend in unhealthy children that don’t see healthy habits modeled for them at home. Fitness is a lifestyle, and the younger we can get started, the better we’ll be set up for a lifetime.


I discovered Onata candles last year and I’ve been hooked ever since. I, like every other woman that is a lavender scent away from snapping in traffic, love my candles, but with my allergies I can only burn soy candles made with essential oils. Their handcrafted natural soaps and body mist in scents like Havana and Bamboo Verbena are the stuff that dreams are made.


When I was putting together our program of speakers I had an epiphany about 2 weeks before the event - Erin….why aren’t you a speaker? I completely felt like I had nothing say because I haven’t truly found balance in my life. That's when it dawned on me. Duh! That’s the message! Balance is the same as “perfect”, a word that we use to describe a condition that never truly exists. I gave our attendees a discussion on how to priorities the thoughts that drive us to strive to overproduce, overbook, and overcommit to others, thus creating these imbalances in our lives.

Sahar Paz, my very dear friend and a PROFOUND speaker echoed my message as only she can with poignant revelations, straight talk, and a wealth of insight. Everyone that heard her speak got their money’s worth in just those 20 minutes while see was on stage.

Living Your Best Life Speaker Panel

I was so excited for the ladies to hear from our panel of experts. Our speakers included Fitness professional, enthusiast, and athlete, Roz Jones of Fit.Life.Style, Registered Dietician Starla Garcia of Starla Shines, and Kelsey-Seybold Clinic OB/GYNs  Dr Samuel Itam and Dr Purnima Rao. Each of these panelists brought their own unique brand of truth and passion to women’s health topics such as endometriosis, PCOS, supplements, stress, fatigue, and how women can adjust their perspectives when it comes to fitness and diet.

Find Your Balance created a synergy of self love, self care, and empowerment -i.e self-advocacy. Our mind and bodies are our own to govern, and it’s up to every one of us to create the life that we want, and to take care of vessel that gets us through it. I hope that the ladies that joined us for Find Your Balance had an  ah-ha moment or two ( I know I did), and I hope to see more of you at the next Kelsey-Seybold Clinic/MsIndependent event collaboration.