It's been forever since I've posted a new blog post, but I have a great's called life. There are so many stressors and pressures, but pile on top of that being an entrepreneur and it's a wonder that I get anything done. Literally the other day I was in a store waiting for a dressing room when the woman asked me my name so that she could give me a room, and I had to think about name....hmmmm what is it? Yes, I was that tired. To find some peace and calm in my life I've turned to less traditional practices to stay grounded, healthy, and sane, which has lead me to discover a new wellness clinic to Houston - Ferris Family Health and Wellness Clinic.

Ferris Family Health and Wellness is unlike any other clinic in Houston because they give patients the freedom to see a family doctor and explore ancient wellness practices that aren't as popular in Western culture, but are widely used in Eastern Medicine. Here are some common and not so common treatment options that you'll find at Ferris, and why I am so excited to have found this innovative clinic.

Family Medicine

This clinic is big on promoting healing from the moment you walk into the door. There are real plants all around, aromatherapy, a mellow vibe, and even decor that takes into consideration color therapy. Here Dr. Oza is the Family and Internal Medicine physician, who is as well known for his compassion as his years of experience. You can come to the clinic for everything from a cold to a Well Woman Exam.


Reiki simply put is a form of energy healing. What a juice cleanse is to your body, reiki is to your energy. If you’ve ever said someone gave you a bad vibe, that’s because we all have vibrational energy ( science says so), and that energy gets clogged up with stress, worry, environment, basically life - which causes us to have less energy and even physical ailments. Reiki clears that blocked energy so that the body can operate as normal without all that clutter clouding up your vibrational flow.

Now here is the part where you just gotta keep an open mind. A Reiki Practitioner influences the flow of energy through your body by moving their hands over your body or physically touching you as a transference of energy. Now I know that sounds far out but if you’ve ever heard the saying that someone has a “healing touch” or believe in the scientific principle that energy is transferable, then you can at least consider that reiki is a real thing.

My Reiki Experience

I had a reiki session with A’tondra the Master Reiki Therapist at the clinic. To see more on my experience click here.


Acupuncture is a minimally invasive practice that stimulates nerve-rich areas along the skin in order to influence your organs, glands, and various other functions of the body. This is done by the Acupuncturist  that inserts super thin needles into the skin to stimulate a signal to let the body to give a response which could be improved circulation, pain modulation, and a number of other benefits.

My Acupuncture Experience

Although I have not gotten acupuncture at this location, it is a practice that I have adopted this year as someone without insurance, a lot of stress, and as of recent a number of chronic aches and pains. Acupuncture has been HUGE in alleviating my achy areas, and I always feel incredibly calm and relaxed after each session. It feels like a good night's sleep, a massage, and a glass of wine all at once when I book a session.

Salt Therapy (Halo Therapy)

Salt therapy involved inhaling pharmaceutical-grade dry salt in a comfortable, controlled environment.

A medical device known as a halo-generator grinds up and disperses microscopic salt particles into the chamber. You’ll inhale these tiny particles into your airways and lungs to help relieve respiratory issues, including chronic allergies.

My experience with Salt Therapy

I have chronic sinus issues, and at my worst had 4 sinus infections in one year that included a severe case of tonsiliths. You know your sick when your doctor actually says “woah” while looking down your throat because he LITERALLY has never seen anyone with such a severe case of gross tonsil sickness. I forget the specifics of why I have so many allergy related issues, but it comes down to narrow nasal pathways and enlarged tonsils that should have been removed years ago. 

The Salt Bath is a “bath” in that you are sprinkled with a pink salt mist while you’re in the salt chamber, but it’s not a literal bath. The salt is like an aerosol mist that comes into the booth that you inhale as normal. It’s not fancy, but effective. I didn’t really feel anything but I tasted salt here and there throughout the day. For about a 12 hour period or so I experienced some light drainage in the back of my throat. It wasn’t enough to need a tissue, but it was a noticeably salty drip in the back of my throat of all the gross being cleared out my nasal passage.

Elevate Your Vibes at Ferris

It’s been such a God-sent to have wellness options as someone that doesn’t have insurance, but doesn't want to take pills for days. Some of my friends look at me crazy when I tell them what I’ve been doing because it all sounds a little whoo whoo, but don’t knock it til you’ve tried it. In fact Ferris Family Health and Wellness is giving you an opportunity to have your our wellness experience at their Vibes Elevated event coming up on November 9th. This event is an opportunity for the community to sample their energy healing treatments, get a sense of what each of these treatments offer, and of course feel blissed out with all the good vibes. 

Vibes Elevated features group meditation with acupuncture, and group reiki. You can also opt to get an energizing B-12 shot and try the salt therapy chamber. Once you’ve cleared all that negative energy with reiki, and feel like a million bucks after meditation, you’ll be invited to food and natural juices provided by Nektar Juice Bar.

You know I'll be there, and you can join me on November 9th with 25% off the price of admission when you use promo code: MsDisc25. Click here to get your ticket.

This is a sponsored post however all thoughts an opinions expressed are my always. #IKeepItReal 👍