On June 9th MsIndependent hosted our first ever Spring Roll Making workshop with Chef Cuc Lam. My first experience with Chef Cuc was at the Lunar New Year Dinner , and then again when I was invited to supper at her home where I found out that she hosts pop up dinners. Soon after that experience I checked my calendar to see when I could introduce the MsIndependent audience to the magic that is Chef Cuc's cuisine. That magic became the Spring Roll Making workshop, and it was everything that I hoped it would be.

The dinner was an intimate gathering of 8 women, most of which didn't know each other ( which is always my favorite scenario). We each put on name tags provided by Cuc, which would come in handy when passing around plates of food across the table. We all let out our ohhs and ahhs once we saw the incredible spread of ingredients, some familiar, some a new adventure, but all gorgeously displayed. We all helped ourselves to a glass of Tropical Cooler, and assembled at the table to get down to the delicious business of spring roll making.

Cuc gave us some history about herself and explained how to properly make our rolls using rice paper and the ingredients before us. The dinner featured a wide assortment of items, some very commonly found in spring rolls and some not so much like mango, green apple, and Chinese sausage. I was excited to hear that the fresh herbs that made up the greens medley was plucked from plants in Cuc's very own yard. The assortment of meats were cooked by the guests using the table-top grills assembled on the table. We all had to pitch in to cook for each other and be sure we didn't burn anything since the meat cooked so fast. There were a few fails, but all in good fun. 

The atmosphere quickly became aromatic as we got rolling. Pun intended. The whole house seemed to be marinated in spices as the excited crisp and crackle sounds of meat meeting grill got us all excited, chatty, and of course hungry. This was by far the best way to mix and mingle with potential new friends. Making the rolls was a team effort. We had to communicate with each other in cooking the food, share in passing plates, and of course make recommendations on what food combinations we were enjoying. This was exactly the experience that I wanted each of the ladies to have. 

We finished off the night with a Mississippi Mud Pie, and lively girl talk. This was such a fun experience and Cuc could not have been a better host. If ever you want to have an intimate and exciting night in with family, friends, or possible new friends, Chef Cuc really knows how to throw a deliciously good dinner party. Click here to see more about the chef, and see how to schedule your own Spring Roll Making Party.