After 8 years of being a Pilates instructor I have finally decided to trade my yoga pants for a fitted jacket and slacks. Yep, I have a regular 9-5 and who knew this whole full time job thing was going to be so much work. Running errands at 2pm in the afternoon and never sitting in traffic is a thing of the past, but I gladly trade the hustle of going from client to client to a steady paycheck and full medical. I have a whole new respect for you hard working, coffee addicted, traffic sitting, Monday loathing, hard workers out there. So now I have a new challenge ahead of me, and it's one I am sure we all face. How do I do it all? How do I blog, organize my events, attend others' events, network, eat healthy, workout AND have a full time job? People go to school and single moms take care of kids with full time jobs, so I know I can figure this thing out. I just haven't yet.

So how do we do it ladies? Is there a such thing as work-life balance or is that just a myth meant to keep us chasing after some unobtainable dream? I'm only 3 weeks into having a "real" job but already I'm feeling totally overwhelmed. It's easy if all you do is go to work and go home, but to have hobbies, volunteer, or take care of kids, work and home aren't an option.  So I've done some research on how to stay sane and organized, but I am very open to some of your suggestions.

Manage your time right down to the second. Meetings and deadlines are non-negotiable, so should your workouts, downtime, or whatever else you need to be OK. Schedule time in your day, everyday to refuel or else risk burning out.

You really can't get anything for nothing in this life. What you don't pay in time you might pay in cash. What you don't give in effort you might sacrifice in patience. Everything costs! Always consider what you are getting and what you have to give up. For example, I needed to make my lunch one night, and was so tired that I justified sleep over preparation for the next morning. The next day I decided to make my lunch, and of course the food took longer than expected, my hair wouldn't cooperate, and I ended up rushing to work. Few things suck as much as rushing to work in the morning. Those 30 minutes the night before would have been a far better trade than a stressful morning the next day.


Don't forget that life is good, and if you start to forget it's time to remind yourself. Buy yourself flowers, take a 20 min. bubble bath, take a walk, just do something for you. In the mornings I try to pray or do positive affirmations  to center myself before the day begins. When I find myself getting so stressed I can't think clearly I stop and take a few breaths and say something positive to change my outlook and my mood.

You can't be everybody's everything. Rome wasn't built in a day and you aren't going to save the world by lunch time. Everyone that asks something of you can't get a 'yes', and sometimes 'no' is a complete sentence. There is nothing worse than doing something you really don't want to do because you felt obligated to be agreeable. Know when you can't put any more on your plate and only keep those around you that wouldn't dare make you feel guilty about it.

I don't know where I would be without my girls. When I need help, support, recommendations, or simply to bitch, they are ever there for me. There is nothing wrong with asking for help if you need it, and there is everything right with being able to get that help. Sometimes we try to do everything ourselves like its a badge of honor to read off our to do list, but if you have a tribe of women willing to help you, be willing to ask for help. If you ever need more women in your tribe, check out our calendar of events and start making friends when you have the time.