Around this time of year most of the faint of heart "new year, new me" converts have gone back to "new year, same old me." I however am still going strong after a few hiccups along the way, because that's how life works, but I am focused on staying healthy and better managing my stress in 2017. The good people at Bulu Box sent me a sample box to try out, and the results are pretty much a match made in heaven. 

Bulu Box is the first health, nutrition, and weight loss discovery box designed to help you feel and look healthy. Every month subscribers are delivered a box filled with a mix of 4-5 samples from fitness and wellness brands.

All the products were great but my favorite things were the Turmeric Extract, a natural way to reduce inflammation in the body which I need due to stress, and occasional knee pain. The anti-stress drink mixes both contained Magnesium which I know I don't get enough of, and I actually felt a slight boost in energy after taking them. I wasn't a huge fan of the Dream Bar but I didn't hate it either. Some of the other items are specific to conditions like muscle and joint pain or itchy skin so I haven't used them yet, but give it time. I did smell and play with everything in the box and I can tell you that these are all natural, high quality, gentle to use products. It reminds me of the wholesome products I get at the Farmer's Markets.


The typical box is either a Bulu Box or Bulu Box Weight Loss.

Bulu Box: 4-5 Premium samples ranging from sports, nutrition, sleep, healthy snacks, and lifestyle extras like gym gift cards or DVDs.

Bulu Box Weight Loss: 4 to 5 Premium weight loss items such as energy aids, healthy snacks, sleep aids, and fat-burners. Plus bonus weight loss items like fitness gear and kitchen tools. 


Try samples that have been pre-selected for you based on your profile.

Earn reward points each month by providing your feedback for products that you've sampled.

Cash out those points toward the purchase of full size products.

Fitness enthusiasts eager to try new products to enhance overall wellness.

Anyone that prefers more pure and natural supplements and products.

Anyone new to fitness looking for supplements and products to help them along the journey.

Anyone low on time or money looking for a way to discover wellness products without wasting money on trial and error.


A way to sample products without the intimidation or up sell of salespeople at supplement stores.

Shipping is free.

You can cancel anytime.

Earn 50+ Reward Points each month for completing a sample survey. These points go toward ordering full size products on the site.

Samples are based on your profile preferences.

Like any subscription box you won't like or have a use for every item you receive.

Some supplement samples don't provide enough dosage for you to decide if the product is effective or not.

Overall I really liked this subscription box. The products were all items I would use or consider using, and yet nothing I would have looked for on my own. The cost to subscribe is only $10/month with a month to month option. If you do a 12 month subscription you get one month free. I'm excited to see what's in my next box! Check them out and see if Bulu is for you.