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Meet one of our collaborating influencers for the upcoming #GirlsNightOut Avant Garde event on July 12th, the one and only Erika Harrison, the blogger behind Black Girls Who Brunch.

Her blog is motivated by the desire to share her food experiences and favorite food joints with other Houstonians, in particular other black professional women like herself. Erika is also credited with hosting not one, but two sold out brunch events, both selling out within days of being announced. This woman knows her audience like she knows her brunch. 

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When she's not out brunching, lunching, or blogging, Erika is living that 9 to 5 life as a lawyer. Originally from Kansas City, she moved to Houston when she was only 5 years old, but also spend some time out of the lone star state while attending law school. In addition to giving Houston audiences insights into the best places to pick up a fork, wanderlust has also led her around the world.

Erika is a collaborating contributor for #GirlsNightOut thanks to her close connection with her audience and down to earth approach to food. You'll always get honest and thorough feedback from her on where to eat. She's also the Events Co-Chair for the Houston Food Blogger Collective. 

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We're excited to have her be a part of the event on July 12th, but you can check out her blog any time by clicking here and subscribing to her newsletter. You'll also get invites to her always popular, always sold out brunch events.

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