Every adult and their inner child can now rejoice, boozy gummy bears are on the scene! Let me be clear these are not wine flavored bears, or wine inspired gummy bears, these are literal jiggly, jolly, gourmet gummies made with actual wine. Kim Handy is the mastermind behind this delectable creation, and sells them exclusively through her online lifestyle brand, GlammGirl.

Ever since the inception of these wine filled wonders, they have been selling out like crazy. The bears come in two flavors - White Zinfandel Moscato, and a Sweet Red wine. I am a red wine, whiskey, bold flavor kinda girl, but the Moscato flavor is the top seller. I much prefer the red bears which taste of pure red wine, just encapsulated in a squishy playful texture. I kept eating one after the other in disbelief that the flavor was so potent. From the moment I opened the bag it was like popping the cork on a fresh new bottle of wine.  I have had a few other candies that are advertised as "wine-infused" or "wine flavored", but they always seem to be offensively sweet and sugary with a hint of actual wine flavor. That is so not the case here!


I did my best to practice control and only eat a few at a time, but to no avail. Something about the relaxation that comes with wine, and my childhood memories of using my teeth to decapitate gummy bears, makes these treats irresistible. It's recommended that the bears remain refrigerated before and after opening, but I like to let them reach room temperature before digging in. I then let them sit on my tongue so that I can savor the flavor the same way I would a fresh glass of Cabernet. It's so tempting to get a mouth full, but half the fun of eating these gummies is the fasntastic and familiar flavor of wine that tip toes on our tongue as the bears dissolve in your mouth.


Given that these gummy bears and gourmet, curated in small batches, and made with actual wine, they are truly the perfect gift. This is especially true when you don't know what to get. I would also recommend these for bridal parties, divorce parties, girls night out, birthday celebrations, or even house warming parties, in lieu of bringing a bottle of wine. I would personally pack these on long trips or stressful times when I wish that I had a glass of wine, but the taste of it will have to suffice. 


You can get the white and red wine gummy bears online at Glammgirl.com, for $9.97 per 6oz pack. To give you some idea of what that looks like, a pound is 16 oz, so you're getting nearly half a pound of gummy goodiness. Also a plus, there are minimal ingredients that go into the bears: sugar, gelatin, wine, and citric acid. That's it!  Of course due to the nature of the product, these candies are not recommended for the kiddos. Products are shipped every week on Wednesday or Friday. I might be shamelessly ordering another bag or two soon, but definitely let me know what you think when you get a chance to try these boozy bears.