Ever since January I've been excitedly waiting to have one of my heros come to my hometown. This past weekend Oprah, along with her trailblazer Elizabeth Gilbert, Deepak Chopra, Rob Bell, and Iyanla Vanzant, came to the Toyota Center for a weekend of talks geared toward transforming your life. The tour took place Friday evening and all day Saturday. Here are some of the highlights.


Guests were invited to visit O-Town, a pop up area of various tents with offerings and promotions from tour sponsors which included Olay, Tide, Ikea, and HEB. Guests were treated to such activities as mini makeovers, scalp massage, taking professional pics and videos of the experience, and a chance to win your face in O Magazine. Oprah's gal pal Gal was even spotted in O-Town.


Friday night was all about Oprah discussing her life. It was an incredibly honest and sincere talk about her humble beginnings and career challenges. Some things I knew, some things I didn't, but everyone in the crowd was able to see Oprah the relatable human being, and not the billionaire mega media mogul. She testified on how good God has been to her, and introduced the main concept and intention of the tour- to connect to a force higher than ourselves ( whatever and whoever that is for you) so that you can start living your best life.

On Saturday we were treated to meditation first thing in the morning with Deepak Chopra, followed by talks with other trail blazers. We also had a mini workout with Angela Davis of Soul Cycle, and heard the inspiring story of surviving and thriving from DWTS contestant, Amy Purdy. Throughout the day we also participated in activities in our workbooks to get clear on what we wanted and how to get it. Oprah visited with members of the audience and invited a few on stage to share what they wrote down. Lucky bastards!

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Everyone in the stadium was asked to register for an Oprah wristband, which could be scanned for prizes like winning an upgrade to the VIP section, but to the crowds' surprise the bands also lite up. These bracelets illuminated with various colors on their own, changing and glowing in unison on the wrists of everyone in the auditorium. It was a beautiful experience and a wonderful weekend.

With so much inspiration and excitement it was hard to narrow down my favorite tidbits of wisdom from the various speakers, but here are my key takeaways from the trailblazers.

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