Love it or hate it our smartphones have become an integral part of our everyday life. We use them for pretty much everything except making calls, because of course texting provides just the right amount of autonomy while relaying the message. With constant access to a camera and social apps like Instagram that help us share our coffee order and great hair days - this generation has taken show and tell to a whole new level, and businesses are taking notice. As the Forbes Contributor Jenna Wang puts it “ young people crave increasingly novel experiences, [and] businesses have shifted their budgets from traditional advertising to brand activation efforts." Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the era of Instagrammable everything.

If you've been to a boutique or even a restaurant lately, then there is a good chance that you noticed an elaborate art wall on the side of the building, or a selfie wall near the entrance with a not so subtle hashtag above the door. Attention spans may be getting shorter and shorter, but one thing you can count on, people will never get tired of talking about their favorite thing - themselves. It's not so much a self-indulging act, as it is human nature to crave connection with other humans. What better way to connect than to relate through the short stories we call our feed? Our love of sharing has lead to a new industry and a new form of entertainment known as immersive art pop ups. These pop ups are where imagination meets immersion into a colorful fantasy world that puts a stop on adulting for awhile, and brings back a sense of play, fun, and of course epic selfies. The demand for unique photo opportunities isn't going anywhere anytime soon, and with the recent success of these pop up, why would it.

Museum of Ice Cream

In 2016 the Museum of Ice Cream netted over $1 million in 5 days, and had a waiting list of over 200,000 people. Since then they've collaborated with big brands like Target and Sephora to offer product lines based around their ice cream themed exhibit.

Photo by Patricia Chang

Coach New York Pop Up

The luxury brand Coach created a highly successful interactive pop-up experience in New York. The pop-up featured 4 interactive installations that invited visitors to rediscover their brand through various games and performances.The experience reached capacity by day 2 with 5,500 attendees over the pop-up’s six-day run. Statistically it was considered their best performing campaign.

Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle

Meow Wolf - Immersive Experience Company

Kadlubek is the owner of Meow Wolf, an artist collective and production company that creates large-scale, interactive, and multimedia installations. It brought in $6 million in revenue in its first year of business. Not bad for a startup.

Photo by Kate Russell. Courtesy of

Houston-Based Immersive Art Experiences

Immersive art museums have every theme you can imagine from breakfast to colors, even tacos! Although Houston doesn't have a large variety of permanent insta-inspired museums to choose from, here are just a few to put on your selfie list. The Museum of Fine Art, Houston has a number of installations worth checking out, but here are few more to add to your list.

Flower Vault

Flower Vault features flower-themed rooms that will only be in Houston til June 2nd.

Photo by Laurel Ann

A Fam Experience

This African American Selfie Museum presented by Booked Design Space is a  black history pop-up, and permanent museum in the heart of Houston's Montrose area. Every month the museum rotates to change the exhibit by featuring one-of-a-kind photo opportunities based on African American Experiences and pop-culture throughout the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s.

Photo by Jay Watkins

The FOMO Factory

FOMO Factory is a trip back in time to your childhood and features some of the most colorful and playful installations you'll see anywhere. They got their start in Austin, but beginning June 7th, FOMO makes its home in Houston for the next 6 months

Photo by David Brendan Hall                    

#GirlsNightOut Instafamous

June 21-23rd MsIndependent presents #GirlsNightOut- Instafamous, an interactive art displays you can see, touch and even taste. We set the stage and take you through several installations, each designed to invoke the inner star in all of us. You’ll also enjoy shopping from local girl bosses, chef-inspired creations, edible art, and craft cocktails. Because #GirlsNightOut event are only open to adults 21 and up, we'll be hosting a family day on June 23rd that will be open to adults and children of all ages to snap, play, and post with our instafamous themed pop up.

Photographer: Sofia Emm Photography

While we are carefully curating over 7,000 sq. ft. of instagram-worthy space for our upcoming pop up, we invited a few of our MsIndependent audience members to have their own "instafamous" experience early with a photoshoot. We want every woman to have fun, feel confident, and have a fabulous experience, and that's exactly what our guests will experience on June 21 and 22nd at #GirlsNightOut.