I had the pleasure of sitting down to a pop dinner hosted by Aces of Taste, featuring the one and only Pat Greer of Pat Greer's Kitchen. Now if you don't know Pat Greer is known all around Houston for her delicious raw and vegan meals and treats. I see Pat all the time at the Urban Harvest Farmer's Market and was incredibly exciting to finally sit down and taste a 4-course meal prepared by here. Here's what was on the menu.


Garden Bites

Garden "burger: cucumber, Pimento Geez and dill

Mushroom Rosemary Tapenade

pop up 2.jpg

1st Course

Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Bisque with Spinach Flatbread Krackers

2nd Course

Herbed Z-noodles with Tomato Lime Sauce

3rd Course

Marinated Portobello Mushrooms over Spinach Quinoa with Red Pepper Relish

4th Courses

Texas Pecan Pie garnished with Candied Orange Peel

Chocolate Truffle nestled within a fresh strawberry

Patricia or "Pat" as you will always hear her referred to as, told us a little bit about her philosophy of eating raw vegan and what the lifestyle means to her. One of the most impactful things she said was that she would identify herself more as a flexiterian versus a strict raw vegan. A flexitarian is someone that eat a plant-based diet and occassionally consumes meat or dairy products. She would never come to someone's home and be introduced something that isn't raw vegan and insult the host who loving prepared the meal by not tasting it. This made a huge impact on me because I am currently in my own vegan lifestyle transition. In fact it's why I came to this dinner which was divinely timed as I was beginning to struggle with acclimating to the vegan lifestyle. As an avid foodie it's highly unlikely that I will cut out complete food groups, but I didnt know how to reconcile that with my views of food production and thus my motivation for going vegan. Pat put things into perspective and also gave me some fun new recipes to consider. 


I was surprised by how incredibly full I was well before we finished the night with champagne,, chocolate, and strawberries.  I think I was ready to tap out by the second course. I guess that's what happens when your food is full of fiber, water, and nutrients. This was a wonderful dinner and although I was already excited because Pat was the guest chef, I love her even more now. She's got the warmest and kindness energy you could ever hope to feel, and her wealth of knowledge and love of food, is something that comes through in everything she prepared.

Aces of Taste hosts fun and interactive pop up dinners all around Houston, and are a delicious way to get to know the foodie scene around town. Check out their website for upcoming dinners and get more details on past pop ups. You can also pick out one of your favorite new raw creations by stopping by one of these locations that provide items from Pat Greer's Kitchen.