As I sit here listening to the thunder and rain I can't help but think about the meteorologist and various others that have complained about the constant rain that we have been getting. The truth is whether sun or rain people really just want something to bitch about. It's too hot, it's too cold, it's raining again, it doesn't rain enough, it's always something. I get that in our fast paced, convenience only focused society we've become intolerant to being uncomfortable, but it's a part of life. It's the law of nature, the way the world works, and it's only flaw is our resistance and need to bitch no matter what comes our way.Think about it, when you workout its uncomfortable, you sweat, you're hot, you might even be in pain, but afterward you feel refreshed and your body improves. Pregnancy is an uncomfortable and lingering condition, but through that discomfort and sacrifice a new life enters the world. Hell even wine was once a happy little grape on a vine before it was snatched off, stomped and sealed away in a dark barrel. Some of the best things in life are birthed from inconvenience, discomfort, challenge, and waiting. Life needs both sun and rain, too much of either would kill us. Too much struggle and life cannot be sustained, yet too much ease and live becomes boring and not worth living.I will be the first to admit that in the past if I had a bad day everyone on Facebook would hear about it. I wanted a conversation, I wanted to go on and on at length about how I had been wronged, and I wanted sympathy and an audience while doing it. But the moment I stopped bitching about it, the dilemma was over. We give negativity life when we give it breathe, and bitchin' is just resuscitating a problem that should have died a long time ago. Rain or shine, good or bad, we always have the power to see what we want,  and words are the building blocks that construct our lives. Learn to love the sun as much as you do the rain, and regardless of the weather  just think, we would never know light without the quit bitchin', it's all good.