Hurricane Harvey is set to make landfall in a few hours, and with all the panic and unpredictability of the storm only one thing is won't be going anywhere. Here are 8 activities to keep you from catching cabin fever and letting the fear and panic of the storm get the best of you. Now to be fair, if you loss power or Wi-Fi some of these won't be an option, but if the fates decide that we won't be fumbling to the bathroom via candlelight, then this list should keep you busy. 

If you're like me then no doubt you've pinned and saved book titles that you've been meaning to read for months. That doesn't even include the millions of blog posts and articles that you swear you'll get around to reading someday. Well now is the time to read away and maybe even sneak in a coloring book or two. 


When was the last time you made the most of not having any plans? Use this time to pray, meditate, practice deep breathing, and reconnect with yourself. Writing down your thoughts and feelings is also a great way to gain perspective of your own emotional intelligence, and objectively take stock of your life on paper.

No one likes to do it, but money matters, matter. Look over your bank statements and see if there are any reoccurring charges that you can cut out. You might also notice some hidden fees that you might have forgotten about. Don't forget that the holidays are right around the corner, so if you plan to play Santa Claus to nieces and nephews, now is the time to budget.


If you live with others pull out a board game, and if you live alone there are tons of apps and games online. You might also consider taking some of those online quizzes like which Game of Thrones character are you, and what's your personality type.


Now this one is self-explanatory. You can binge watch your favorite shows of course, but also learn something new and watch a documentary. You might come out of the storm a little wiser, and a better person.

Of course you could clean your house, but you can also clean out your closet, your desk, bathroom, makeup drawer, I mean the list goes on and on. If there is a pile of junk that has been slowly building in an area of your home, now is the time to make a fresh start.


Now that time isn't an obstacle you can meal prep for the week ahead. Chop veggies, marinate meats, or simply clean out the fridge and put your healthier food items within eye sight. If you really want to be hard core about it, you might even consider reading your food labels and throwing out anything that spells processed, junk, or sugar.


Even if Fung Shui isn't your thing, maybe you could open the flow of your bedroom by moving around a piece of furniture. What if that chair went over there, or maybe the rug in the bedroom looks better in the living room. By moving around furniture you can reimagine your space without spending money to add to it.


No matter what your plans may be, stay home and be safe. If this is your first hurricane in Houston just know that we've got very capable people working around the clock to keep us all informed and safe. If nothing else you're going to have the cleanest house and be the most well read woman by the time this is over. 

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