In my first week of the 7 in Seven weight loss challenge where I try to lose my last 7lbs in 7 weeks, I tried out the run studio, RacePace. One important thing to note is that I absolutely hate running! I haven't run in probably 6 years or more. I developed plantar fasciitis ( inflamed heel pain) a few years back when I was running regularly, and the pain made me stop running and swear it off forever. I also experienced so much knee pain and lower back tightness from running that I felt like the cons far outweighed the pros. I decided to give this place a try on the recommendation of my good friend and regular marathoner, Lindsay of Loving Life on the Run. I also felt that I couldn't ask my readers to challenge themselves physically without me doing the same. I was more than a little nervous about the workout. In addition to not running I also tend to shy away from cardio (which is more about habit than preference), and thus had low expectations for my endurance. I signed up to try their beginner level class - RacePace Starting Line, and prayed that someone knew how to administer CPR. Here's how it went.

RacePace Owners Shiva and Jeff Douse


RacePace offers instructor-led group running classes formatted with a variety of speed and hill intervals to prepare runners for the true conditions of a race. The studio is owned and operated by husband and wife team Shiva and Jeff Douse. They have really created something special with this sleek and modern space with 25 top quality treadmills, and passionate coaches. The bathrooms, check in counter, and showers are bright and airy, but once you step into the workout room, the electric blue lighting lets you know that you're not in Kansas anymore. I personally love that although there were mirrors, the blue lighting is as close to running anonymously in the dark as you can get, without actually being in the dark. I wasn't feeling confident in my abilities to run so I needed to not feel like the slowest person in the room, and to be honest I barely noticed any of the people around me. 


The studio features Woodway treadmills which I have never seen until I walked into the room. These are truly the most comfortable and low impact treadmills that I have ever been on. They have single tap speed and elevation change to make it easy to make adjustments as the coach asks you to change your pace. They also have an integrated workout tracking system that will record your workout and email your metrics after your workout. If you set up a RacePace profile you can track your progress over time.

I tried the RacePace Starting Line class for beginners. The great thing about all classes are everyone's perceived level of exertion ( how hard you think you're working) is different, so everyone can go at their own challenging pace. We would do 2 minutes of work followed by 2 minutes of active rest. The two minutes of work would be either be running at a certain pace on a flat level, or running on an incline. Towards the end we were asked to give it all that we had and I swear I didn't think that I had anything left. Somehow I dug dip and raced to that invisible finish line, and then accidentally snatched the emergency stop mechanism, and missed about 4 seconds worth of push to the finish line. I was so pissed!  The silver lining here is that I even cared enough to push to the end. I didn't want an easy way out or a break, I wanted to finish strong. Let's not forget that this is coming from someone that hates to run. I actually enjoyed this workout. I felt accomplished and best of all the next day I had no knee pain, lower back tightness, or flare ups from my plantar fasciitis. 

This class is intended for newbies or casual runners that need additional coaching or education.

35-45 minutes

This class is for runners training for a short to middle distance race, or runners wanting to incorporate  high-intensity speed and hill work into their training. Here you'll go through a series of  short duration speed intervals and steep incline intervals that simulate the physical conditions of the racing experience. 

40-50 minutes

This class is for runners training for a mid- to long distance race, or for anyone focused on endurance training.  There are extended periods of elevated effort followed by moderately paced recovery periods. 

50-60 minutes

1st Class

2nd Class

 Drop In Rate

5 Class Package

10 Class Package

20 Class Package 

Monthly Unlimited

Monthly Unlimited (Reoccuring)










Thanks Lindsay for encouraging me to give RacePace a try. To get more information and to sign up for your first class visit them online at I've got plenty more to share with you next time, and other studio reviews are on the way. If you just can't wait that long, then see where I'll be working out next on my Instagram stories, and feel free to ask questions along the way. See you at the next workout.