So let me tell you what I've been going through. I seldom weigh myself due to my former obsession with the scale taking me down some dark alleys, but the other day I got on the scale and was pleasantly surprised. I decided to weigh myself again a week later and saw that I had lost another pound. The same thing happened week after week, and now I am 7 pounds down without changing my diet or increased exercise. This experience has inspired me to embark on an experiment that I'll be calling 7 in Seven. Before I get into the juicy details here is a brief back story as to why this is such a big deal for me.

Seventeen More Pounds To Go was my last blog entry where I mentioned my weight. This was in January 2016 when my goal weight was about 140 lbs. Three months after writing that blog post I would embark on my first large scale event, #GirlsNightOut, which was a challenging time to say the least. In How I Ruined My Life and Why You Should Too, I mentioned how the majority of 2016 consisted of long hours sitting at the computer, copious amounts of stress, and numerous doctor visits where I was lectured on managing my stress induced ailments. I told my doctor that my business wasn't going to run itself, so while I knew what she meant, I still wasn't going to do it. She did not like me.


Running a business and watching time and money hemorrhage out of my life turned my commitment to weight loss into a frivolous luxury. That is until I took my first yoga class in years and fell back in love with movement. If you're new to MsIndependent then you may not know that I am no stranger to the gym. Here's why....




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Feb., 2017

So that brings us to today. I took up yoga in the winter of last year and as my personality tends to do, I went to the extreme and starting taking classes 5 days a week for a couple of months. As my work schedule became more erratic I practiced 2-3 days a week, followed by sporadically. Even without practicing yoga on a regular basis, it's around this time that I started to weight myself and see that I was losing a pound a week. At the time I was only going for casual walks and meditating which alleviated stress, helped me become more optimistic, and improved my sleep patterns. I'm a night owl and can easily go to bed at 5am, get back up at 10am, stay up til midnight, and do that for weeks. This tiny change gave me incredible hope that if my body felt healthy enough to spare a few pounds, then maybe I could persuade it into losing a few more. 

As with any weight loss there is the plateau which is where I am now. I'm within 7lbs of my goal weight which is the closest I've been since I put on the weight 4 years ago. My plan is a simple one. Stay excited about the process, challenge myself, and don't stop moving. The key to commitment of any kind is to build momentum which is why stopping early in the process is so counterproductive. So now let's get back to that experiment that I mentioned.

I'm launching a 7 week blog series called 7 in Seven. For 7 weeks I'll be cross training by trying out a new fitness studio, workout, food prep, and stress management hack every week.  The reason for doing it this way is the constant changes will keep my body guessing and changing. I'm also hoping to avoid burn out, boredom, and over training the same muscles day in and day out. I also think that the fitness scene in Houston is more diverse than people realize, so I want to shine a light on all the healthy and innovative options out there.

To celebrate my new look and the conclusion of my challenge, I'll be undergoing a makeover! I've been considering a few body modifications and I figure why not go for it now. If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter the hashtag for all posts related to my fitness challenge with be #7inseven. I'll also be giving you all the daily dirty, ugly, tedious, unflattering details of my journey on Instagram stories. I may no longer be training clients, but my desire to help people get out of their way and achieve an abundance of health and happiness, remains the same. I promise to be transparent, honest, and hopefully inspirational that if I can do it, you can too.