#GirlsNightout:unicorn edition

You've never had a girls night out like this. #GirlsNightOut is all about eye candy, fun, and giving social media something to buzz about. We create a fun environment for you and your girlfriends to kick back and enjoy cocktails, food, beautiful views, a glamorous atmosphere, and so much more. Best of all feel good knowing that MsIndependent donates a portion of ticket sales to causes that supports women in our community.


What can you expect at #GirlsNightOut?



Keep those phones charged! You'll definitely want to snap, caption, and post pics of all the eye candy we'll be throwing your way. We aim to please, from shirtless male servers to performers, body artists, and anything out of the ordinary that we know you ladies would love to see. Don't blink!






We set the bar pretty high when we hosted our first #GirlsNightOut on the rooftop of a high rise, but we'd have it no other way. Our last #GirlsNightOut will be held at Republic Square, a mixed-used district and former ExxonMobil campus, that sits on approximately 35-acres of land. You won't be able to snap those selfies fast enough when you find yourself surrounded by picturesque views and larger than life scenery. 




Shop local vendors that offer products you can't find in stores. We do our homework to bring you the very best beauty products, treatments, fashion, food,  and more, all under one roof. MsIndependent loves to support girlbosses everywhere and you can too, as the majority of our vendors are female entrepreneurs and overall bad asses.




if it looks good, eat it

Houston is a foodie's paradise, so we break you off a little slice of heaven with unique chef creations and delectable bites. MsIndependent asks some of our favorite local chefs and restaurants to cater this event to ensure that the quality and beauty of the food served meets the standards of a woman that knows what she wants. Our desserts are just as beautiful as our food, and the signature cocktails aren't that bad either. You'll always be able to look forward to something delicious at #GirlsNightOut.



We support Women in Our Community

We will always donate a portion of ticket sales from #GirlsNightOut to a nonprofit organization that supports women economically, socially, mentally, or professionally.