As a child I wanted to invent, later in life I wanted to reinvent, and today I am a designing a life and career that I love. Like many people I went to college and declared a major (Marketing) with no clear idea on how to use it. One day at the age of 25 after a bad break up, a job loss, and what would be one of four mid-life crises, I created MsIndependent to bring together other women that needed a break from dating, life, work, or even themselves. I figured I couldn't be the only woman in the world struggling to make friends and smothered by the four walls of my apartment. How very right I was. Almost immediately I was thrust into the position of meeting women from all walks of life that taught me so much about them, and in turn helped me to discover so much more of myself. I realized that I had spent so many years being a people pleaser and over-achiever that I had never really discovered who and what I am. With every event I planned and every person I met I was more empowered to finally find my voice, and now I want every women to have that same experience.

 I find that that the more I am able to invest in the lives of other women, the more I am investing in my own. I explore activities, locations, programs, speakers, resources, and other girlbosses in our area, and bring them back to the MsIndependent family to show you ladies how to invest in yourselves, and have a good time doing it. You can meet me and other wonderful women in the Houston area at our next event, or stay connect on what I'm doing ( or thinking) on my lifestyle blog.