The Basics

What is MsIndependent?

An entertainment and events company for women.

  • What type of events should I expect with MsIndependent?

Our events are incredibly diverse but typically focus around food, fitness, freedom, and fun. Food- Food crawls, grocery store tours, brunches, wine pairings, cooking classes.

Fitness- yoga, pilates, dance, wellness classes.

Fun- Girls Night Out event, Movie Nights, DIY projects, Happy hour.

Freedom: Life Coach Sessions, Seminars, Community Events, Team Building

Money Honey

    • Do you charge for events?

    Our events are both complementary and paid admission depending on the nature of the event. Pricing will be specified on the event page.  

    • Refund Policy?

    Refund policies vary by event and are notated on the event page before making your purchase.  

    • Can I Give a Ticket to a Friend If I Can't Make It?

    Tickets are transferable, please be sure to notify your event contact person ( as seen on your RSVP Email Confirmation) so that we are sure to update our attendee list with the appropriate name. 

    I am a blogger/social influencer, can I get a discount to an event?

    We love  local bloggers and socialites and do our best to provide incentives to these individuals to attend our events. Discounts and other perks are offered on a case by case basis. Please contact to see if we have any incentives coming up.

    Pics and Video at Events

    • Will there  be photos/videos taken at the events?

    Yes, there is a possibility that you may be photographed or filmed while attending one of our events. Please see our media release terms for more details.

    Working with MsIndependent

    • Are sponsorship or collaboration opportunities available?

    Absolutely! We are always looking for brands that align with our mission and vision. We especially like to collaborate with female business owners, however this is not a requirement and will not affect eligibility. To collaborate with MsIndependent please click here.

    Are there any job openings with MsIndependent?

    We are currently have an internship program for college students. If you would like to be considered please click here.





    I've Signed Up For An Event, Now What?

    • How do I Find You At the Event?

    You will always receive a follow up email the week of the event that describes the location, parking, attire suggestions, and a contact person should you need to get in touch with us.

    • What if I didn’t receive my Follow Up Email  before an event?

    Please check your spam box and be sure that you are able to receive emails from MsIndependent.

    • What if I’m running late?

    See your RSVP confirmation email to notify the contact person for your event so that we can keep an eye out for you.

    • What if I am super late? We encourage you to meet us even if you are running behind, so long as you are safe and able to do so. Should this not be the case for a time sensitive event, we will let you know in your RSVP confirmation email what steps to take.

    • What if I need to cancel my RSVP

    Many of our events have limited space so we ask that you please let us know if you are no longer able to attend so that we can contact those on the wait list. See your RSVP confirmation email to notify the contact person for your event that you will no longer be able to attend, and to review the refund policy for that event.

    Can I bring a friend to an event?

    Yes, the more the merrier. Please be sure to indicate that you have a +1 or more when you RSVP for the event. 

    I have a friend that I wants to join me, how can I invite them?

    You can always tag your friend on an event social media post or click on the Invite a Friend Link on the Event Page.

    • I have a complaint about an event I attended.

    We at MsIndependent strive to create an enjoyable experience for our attendees, and we want to hear from you if we missed our mark. Please send all complaints or suggestions to so that we can improve, and if necessary make the situation right. Please allow 2 business days to hear back from us.

    • I have some praise for MsIndependent, how do I let you know?

    We’re so glad you had a great time. Please share your experience with MsIndependent on Yelp.