32 Years

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February 2nd is my birthday!!!  I would love to say that I am doing something significant but these days I just want to stay home, watch cartoons, and go to bed early. I know, total party animal right? Maybe it's just me but my 30's so far seem to be more about conserving energy rather than expending it, but I have also learned other pretty cool things in my 30's. 

Top 10 Things my 30's Have Taught Me

  1. Let your 'no' mean no and your 'yes' mean yes. Period.
  2. People pleasing cost me a lot of years and a lot of sanity. 
  3. Living an active lifestyle is not a luxury, it is a must.
  4. Men are people too, they have feelings, frustrations, and fears.
  5. It's better to have favor over money. I've done more with less money than I ever thought possible.
  6. It really is all going to be OK.
  7. I love to cook, but I am willing to accept that I will not clean.
  8. I may never want kids and that's totally fine.
  9. I will spend good money on food before clothes, bags, shoes, or beauty products.
  10. If it had not been for God on my side, you wouldn't be reading this, I wouldn't be 32, and I would have lost my mind a long time ago.

My life has been an incredible journey, and yet I feel like my 30's is where the real work begins. As a child I wanted to create and invent. As a teenager I just wanted to hide and disappear. In my 20's I chased approval and acceptance, and occasionally found myself in sparks of genius and bravery. At 30 I felt like I needed to get the house, the job, the man, the money, right away or be a failure. At 31 I was on track to have the house,  the job, the man, the money, and months later lost it all again. At 32 I realize that I have been holding me back at almost an embarrassing level. It's damn near scary to see how powerful I can be when I stop with the crap and just try, dare, experiment,  be brave, feel the fear and do it anyway. I'm excited for what I'll learn this year, and the fabulousness that comes with being 32. 


~Erin Creeks

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