Gimme a Reason


April 18th, Friday was our meetup at Howl at the Moon. We had maybe about 30-35 people ( of the 100+ that RSVP'd) show. I am still trying to figure out how to get that percentage up, but in the meantime I know that whether its 2 or 20, the people that come are the people that are meant to be there, and we always have a good time so why worry.

 MsIndependent member-Raya striking a pose.

MsIndependent member-Raya striking a pose.

This evening I met so many new faces and had a lot of new firsts. For those of y'all that don't know me I started MsIndependent after spending way too many nights on the couch eating pizza, drinking wine, and only leaving the house to return my movies to Redbox. A little over 3 years later and I am in a impromptu soul train line in the middle of a bar, cutting up and not giving a damn. I was a nerd in high school and even spent my first few weeks of school eating lunch alone, and now I am talking to 30 some odd women like we are old friends. I danced on the stage ( a combo of alchol and peer pressure) and yes I kept it PC, but still, I never would have done that years ago. I was swept up by the energy of women who have decided that for a few hours they are going to just let go of all their obligations, worries, and titles,  and instead dance, sing, yell, smile, and be free-how could I not do the running man in the middle of a crowded bar. :)

We spend so much time in our heads restricted and bound by self-imposed knots, it's no wonder we get so excited about going out. Sometimes we just feel like we need permission to let go, and if everyone else is dancing and singing, then we are more likely to do the same.I won't say that I am the life of the party or by any means that girl that's in every photo afterward, but I am a totally different person after all these meetups and events. I host the events so naturally I have to go, even when I really don't feel like it, and on this night I much preferred to stay home in sweat pants. Instead I got dressed, put on my heels and like many times before abandon my comfort zone,  and decided to be present and be grateful that I even had somewhere to be. Every time I hear someone say how hesitant they first were to come out and meet the group I hear myself in their excuses. Still I know that on the other side of those excuses is a new story of great memories  dancing on a stage without inhibition, making new friends without rejection, and the days and nights spent with women who against all odds showed up, not for me, but for themselves.