Vendor Registration for #GirlsNightOut is Now Closed.


We've gotten to know the ladies that attend our #GirlsNightOut events pretty well over the years, and we know what products they are looking. We want to ensure that our vendors are successful, so we've complied a few tidbits on what vendors can expect from the event and from our attendees.


who are our vendors.

Our vendors offer skincare products, cosmetics, handmade jewelry, home goods, decorative desserts, fashion, athleisure, and more. We prefer to support women that are building their own brands, thus we typically do not offer vendor positions to MLM brands or supplemental products. See more of what we're looking for in the vendor checklist below.

who attends #girlsNightOut 

Our events draw a multicultural group of career professionals typically between the ages of 25-44. The majority of our audience is single or divorced, many of which are not native to Houston. Price points that seem to work best for this audience are $20-65/item. These ladies come dressed to impress, excited for a night out with their girlfriends, and ready to take tons of photos. 


December Social Schedule of Images (4).png

diversity of offerings 

We offer a limited number of vendor spaces for each product category. We do this to ensure that our guests are offered a variety of options, and our vendors experience less competition from other vendors. We thoughtfully select all products, brands, and services that are able to gain access to our audience.