What We Do

MsIndependent is a lifestyle and events brand for women. We curate events, digital content, and experiences that support women in creating connections within their community, and healthy relationships within themselves. 

MsIndependent began as a meetup group in July of 2010, and evolved into a trademark brand in 2016. That same year #GirlsNightOut was born, and has since become the brand's signature event. #GirlsNightOut brings women together in an environment that immerses event goers into optically exciting themes and images, compelling them to show and tell their experience with their digital audience. Each event is a collaborative effort from local women influencers to support their community, and local nonprofits.

MsIndependent also collaborates with brands, businesses, and influencers to create unique content and concepts for digital, experiential, and event marketing initiatives.

How we got started

Hey there! My name is Erin and I started MsIndependent in July of 2010. At the time I was a woman in her mid-20's, newly single, no hobbies, few friends, and no GPS. After the final curtain closed on my on again off again 2 year relationship, I found myself alone and totally unaware of the Houston social scene. I went to school out of state, and although I grew up in Houston, I came back as a stranger. Now without the boyfriend around that fact became painfully obvious.

I discovered meetup groups and quickly joined dozens of clubs but never found my tribe. As an experiment and last attempt at being social, I created my own meetup group and named it after my favorite song at the time, Neyo's Ms. Independent. The group started out as a club for single women who, like me, were watching their friends get married, have kids, and had found that they were displaced. Now 8 years and over 300 events later, MsIndependent has become an outlet for all women to connect, explore, and expand what's possible in life. My life started when I tried something new and got out of my own way. I hope that with every event I plan, someone else can say the same. 

-Erin Creeks, MsIndependent Founder



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